Our curriculum is a rigorous introduction to the liberal arts. In addition to the traditional core curriculum, students take a broad array of courses in the social sciences: philosophy, humanities, sociology, human geography, economics, political science, and leadership studies. Our goal is to help students become engaged and active citizens.

If students attend the Leadership Center, Douglas Freeman High School becomes their home school for all their course work and their extra-curricular activities. Part of their day is spent with a cohort of 50 students in the Center for the history, English, and leadership course work, and the rest of the day is spent in the comprehensive high school for the math, science, world language, PE, and other elective courses. Center students will receive an advanced diploma upon graduation. All the courses taught in the Leadership Center carry an honors or AP credit. Students take whatever level is appropriate for them in the courses outside the Center (most enroll in an all-honors or AP curriculum, though that is not required).


Grade 9

Center Module I

  • English 9H

  • World History and Geography II H

  • Foundations of Leadership H

Comprehensive High School

  • Mathematics (e.g. Geometry)

  • Science (e.g. Biology)

  • World Language (e.g. Spanish II)

  • Health and PE

Grade 10

Center Module II

  • English 10H

  • AP Human Geography

  • Leadership II: Sociology

Comprehensive High School

  • Mathematics (e.g Algebra II)

  • Science (e.g. Chemistry)

  • World Language (e.g. Spanish III)

  • Health and PE

Grade 11

Center Module III

  • AP US History

  • Leadership Seminar: Ethics, Philosophy and Law

Comprehensive High School

  • English (e.g. AP English Language)

  • Mathematics (e.g. Trigonometry and Math Analysis)

  • Science (e.g. AP Biology)

  • World Language (e.g. Spanish IV)

  • Elective

Grade 12

Center Module IV

  • Senior Internship

  • AP US Government

  • AP Macroeconomics

  • AP Microeconomics

Comprehensive High School

  • Mathematics (e.g. AP Calculus A/B)

  • Science (e.g. AP Physics)

  • World Language (Spanish V, AP)

  • English 12 (AP English Literature)

  • Elective