Center for Leadership, Government, and Global Economics

The Center for Leadership, Government and Global Economics is committed to providing a rigorous academic curriculum that prepares its graduates to act as principle-centered servant leaders in their communities.  Through an advanced study of the social sciences, students are exposed to the complexities of political, social, and economic life; they learn to analyze questions through multiple lenses, and learn to become increasingly aware of the ambiguities of modern life. By analyzing these dilemmas, students begin to establish the principles that will serve them effectively throughout their life, and equip them to become active citizens in their communities.

The Center now has approximately 225 students in four grade levels.  Our faculty is uniquely qualified to provide the highest level of instruction; faculty members include four recent Douglas Freeman High School Teachers of the Year, a Henrico County Public Schools’ Teacher of the Year, a Fulbright award winner, a National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Fellow, an R.E.B. award winner for teaching excellence, a winner of the Virginia Lottery SuperTeacher award, and three department chairmen.  Our comprehensive curriculum includes advanced coursework in the areas of leadership, economics, English, philosophy, history, and the social sciences. You can learn more about the Leadership Center HERE.

We would like to thank our corporate and civic sponsors, who, through internship opportunities and financial assistance, help make our program a continuing success.  Their support allows our students to work in the professional community and begin building the practical skills necessary to act as leaders in their communities.

If you have any questions or comments or would like to contribute support for the leadership program, please contact Mr. Rob Peck at